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Here at Boxfit Community, we advocate NON-contact boxing sessions.


Boxfit Community is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their physical and mental health goals. We inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to take control of their lives through non-contact boxing.


Our goal is to provide inclusive physical activity. Tackling obesity and mental health disorders, to help individuals lead a happy, healthy life. Our focus is on building a supportive community that encourages personal growth and wellness.


Come experience the power of our non-contact boxing sessions and take the first steps towards a better life.



We are passionate about promoting fitness and health to everyone, regardless of their ability or background. Our mission is to make NON-contact boxing accessible to all. 

Have Fun

Provide Inclusivity

Stay Active

Enrolling my 10 year old son with boxfit commmunity has been the best decison we have made in his dyslexia and low confidence journey. Not only have the workshops improved his mental and physical health, it has boosted his self-confidence, focus and concentration at school. Bobby is enjoying school more and his teachers have seen improvement in all areas of his school work. 
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